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Natural Renewal Cycle

Iván Arriagada

President XV Expomin 2018 International Congress

CEO Antofagasta plc

The mining landscape will remain challenging. At an international level, the mining industry is currently experiencing a natural renewal cycle, with an attractive future for investments that require and demand innovations capable of solving variables that impact its development, such as water scarcity, deterioration of ore grades, age of the worksites, geological uncertainty, and relationship with the communities, among others.

In this sense, a reinvention is necessary and suppliers have understood that innovation is an obligation, introducing new technologies in the market to improve productivity and competitiveness, in addition to facing growing community and environmental demands.

Against this backdrop, the XV Congress EXPOMIN 2018, “Innovation for Mining Development”, will address in 13 seminars the different topics that incorporate innovation, research and development, offering a space for reflection on these challenges, opportunities and expectations that society has in mining, a key aspect for the development of the sector and for a qualitative leap in productivity and business sustainability.

The Congress will also highlight another central factor in the development of our industry, such as people. In this area, we have designed a Seminar on the role of women in mining, addressed from a perspective of diversity and inclusion. Half of human talent comes from the female gender, but women are under-represented in the industry. In Chile, only 48% of women participate in the labor market, so we believe that there is a tremendous space to improve the incorporation of women and, with that, enrich the teams in mining companies.

In addition, we will address the importance of copper and lithium as enablers in the development of the electric economy, which is the economy of the future, more sustainable and more efficient.

We are sure to share expectations with those who attend the 13 seminars, workshops and round tables that, between April 23 and 27, will address the issues facing the mining industry today such as Innovation, Technology, Competitiveness, Sustainability (Environment, Community), Gender, Productive Efficiency, Energy, Human Resources, and Investments and Businesses.

On behalf of the Congress Organizing Committee, I appreciate the active commitment and participation of all our speakers and chairmen for the contribution and support that has allowed to shape this fifteenth version of the Expomin 2018 International Congress, at a time when our industry aspires to development of new projects, to contribute in this way to a greater dynamism of the sector and the country.