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Press Room

Here you will find our press releases and recent media coverage. If you work in the press and/or ministerial cabinet communication teams or other agencies connected to our trade fairs, don’t hesitate to communicate with Rebecca Uribe, Diector of Communications of FISA S.A., or Mario Estay, journalist with Communications Management of FISA S.A. Telephone (56 2) – 25307232; email ruribe@fisa.cl, mestay@fisa.cl

The Press Center

The Press Center is specially designed to facilitate and make the work of journalists authorized in the distinct Fairs organized by FISA more comfortable . The Press Center is duly equipped with work tables, computers with broadband internet, printers and telephones. The Center is further supplemented with appropriate dispensaries for the distribution of magazines, publications, brochures, press releases and merchandising from companies participating in the Fair.

Press Center Accreditations

Journalists and photojournalists interested in obtaining an access pass to the Fair will be able to accredit themselves online, entering through the banner “Press Accreditation” located on the homepage of the website and by entering the requested information. Credentials will be made accesible through entrance in the Fair in the corresponding Press Registration Points.

Those who opt to accredit themselves in the Fair must present in the credential of the medium in which they work at the Press Registration Points . Collaborators, who possess none of these documents, will need to provide a letter of responsibility for the medium soliciting said accreditation. In both cases, it is necessary to present an identity card.

The following press members will be able to solicit a press pass: journalists, photojournalists from conventional and electronic media, TV, and agency journalists, as well as permanent journalists in the media from companies participating in the Fair, and from external communication agencies that advise them.

Accreditation is personal and non-transferable. Accreditation will not be extended to media personnel belonging to administrative, commercial, or advertising areas.

Accredited reporters will have:
• Access to the Press Center
• A Press dossier
• Free access to the exposition and parallel activities such as Seminars, Conferences, and Technical Talks, among others.

Broadcasting free of charge for companies and exhibitors

WEB (On line) (Online) The principcal objective is oriented at the featuring of companies in all of our Sectoral Fairs, including logos, photography, and links to the page of your company. These means of communication will allow for the effective capturing of the attention of their potential clients and visitng professionals and entities linked to the specific sector of the showing.

ON LINE broadcasting of the technical talks that your company will offer during Fair, oriented at attracting potential visitors. This information will be permament from the decision to particiapte in the exhibition.

The broadcasting of your company will remain on the web in its permanent form until six months after the Fair, including the results achieved in the Fair and/or prejections or inforamtion that you wish you feature.

Print Media

Newsletters Featured notes directed to potential visitors. This promotional tool performed in Sectoral Fairs.

Publications in Specialized Magazines linked to the Sectoral Fair.

Publications in Mass Print Media,, whose publication will be the decision of the editors.

Your information can be sent directly to Rebeca Uribe, Director of Communications of FISA S.A. ruribe@fisa.cl, or Mario Estay, journalist with Communications Management of FISA S.A. mestay@fisa.cl. Telephone (56 2) 25307232

Maximum length of publications is 1500 characters without spaces.

Logos must be in JPG or GIF format, 150 x 80 pixels.

Photographs in high resolution, 300 DPI