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Mining Industry leaders opinion about EXPOMIN

Diego Hernández, Presidente de la Sociedad Nacional de Minería - SONAMI

Faithful reflection of the development

Diego Hernández, President of the National Mining Society

SONAMI collaborates in the organization of EXPOMIN since its origins in 1990 and this fair has become the second most important worldwide in its field. This sample is a true reflection of the development of the mining activity and a propitious opportunity to bring together the mining industry and its collaborators from the supplier industry in order to analyze the market and the projection of these industries, as well as to analyze a series of contingent topics for both that this year will be focused on innovation.


Joaquín Villarino, Presidente Ejecutivo del Consejo Minero

Enriching exchange

Joaquín Villarino, Executive President of the Mining Council

This is the main Latin American trade fair for the mining industry. We think it is a very good opportunity to do business, but also to exchange ideas and deal with the challenges that lie ahead, how we face them and build answers together. There must be few productive activities in this country, such as mining, that have a space that allows this profound and enriching exchange.


Juan Carlos Olivares - Director Ejecutivo Aprimin

Bringing mining closer to the people

Juan Carlos Olivares, Executive Director of APRIMIN

As Suppliers of Mining, we are certain that EXPOMIN 2018 will be an excellent opportunity for our entire sector to show all its technical and innovative capabilities that make Chile a mining country par excellence. EXPOMIN plays an important role in linking and bringing mining closer to people in general and especially to younger generations.