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Ambassador from Peru hosts Expomin´s Executive Director

On the occasion, Ambassador Valdez stressed the joint work of Chile and Peru, which has allowed them to be true global operators the mining sector, this thanks to contiguous geographical areas from Arequipa to Atacama and the important support of universities, which strengthens a great virtuous economic circle.


Julio Polanco, Commercial Advisor for the Embassy of Peru Chile; Renato Reyes Tagle, Minister Counsellor Head of the Economic Department Embassy of the Peru in Chile Jorge Luis Valdez, Ambassador from Perú in Chile; Carlos Parada, Executive Director for EXPOMIN.


In that sense, Carlos Parada added that events such as EXPOMIN enable an exchange of experiences and projects, highlighting that globalization is a necessary step.

“To do so,  one must globalize at a regionally scenario in which both countries share important advantages such as the same  base of suppliers”, situation  where the diplomat  emphasized on the interest of the South American  enhancing their mining sectors  referring to  the  increased interest  in Ecuador, Colombia and Argentina, in which  where  Chile and Peru´s mining industries  are much more developed and mature in the regional context – and  can find excellent opportunities.

It should be noted that the acceptance of the Government of Peru to the invitation made by the organization of EXPOMIN, was confirmed last November of 2017 through official writ from  Peru´s  Ministry of Energy and Mines signed by the then authority Cayetana Aljovín, and by PromPerú, sent by Luis Torres, Director of Export Promotion.