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Francesco Pinna, Atlas Copco General Manager

Atlas Copco presents the latest in cutting-edge technology for mining

Atlas Copco’s General Manager, Francesco Pinna, is extending an invitation to visit their stands EX-A18, EX-A12 and EX-A06 at the main Latin American mining fair, Expomin 2018, “to learn of our innovative solutions, focused on efficiency, environment, reliability and sustainability. We look forward to seeing you in the open area of the fair.

The Atlas Copco senior executive said that as part of the recent news on the next version of Expomin will be the SMARTLink, a new system created by Atlas Copco, unique in the market, which “allows remote monitoring of the compressor plants, giving an Online service registration with just one click. It allows to see the online service record and know the operation parameters and to be anticipated to the operational failures while maintaining the operational continuity of the client’s air generation. It is an own development with low cost technology which is adaptable in a massive way. It is equipped with the proper tools, nothing escapes its attention and is always ready to report and monitor the operating conditions of the equipment. Knowing the state of your compressed air equipment at all times is the safest way to achieve efficiency with maximum availability. ”

Also the GAVSD + Compressors will be shown, “aimed at energy saving, space reduction, low maintenance cost and IE4 certification. Atlas Copco’s VSD + technology automatically adjusts the engine speed to adapt the compressed air supply to the actual air demand. Together with the innovative patented iPM motor (with internal permanent magnets [IE4]), the GA VSD + achieves energy savings of 50%, reducing the operational cost of a customer by up to 37% on average. In addition to this energy saving of 50%, the GA VSD + provides an increase of the supplied free air (FAD) of up to 12% for greater efficiency and better performance.

Another innovative product is the NEOS Frequency Variator, Atlas Copco’s creation that adapts to the latest generation compressors.

“Atlas Copco has launched two new liquid ring vacuum pumps for use in demanding mining and industrial processes. Capable of being reliably operating in humid and dusty environments, the robust AWS and AWD units are designed to supply vacuum in various applications. The capacities of our liquid ring vacuum pumps range from 170 to 37,500 m³ / h. For larger installations, high capacity STL pumps with belt drive or transmission case are available. Single-stage AWS pumps offer outstanding efficiency above 200 mbar (absolute), which makes them ideal for general process applications such as filtration and dehydration and pumping or evacuation tasks, “he explains.

He also mentions that the integrated air system, GA WorkPlace Air System is delivered ready to be used, without the need of an independent compressor room, also emphasizing that its operation is with low sound levels, compact size and treatment equipment of the integrated air, which in its integrated options reduces significantly pressure losses to save energy.

Francesco Pinna also comments on the importance for the company to participate in Expomin 2018, since “it allows us to reaffirm our position in mining as well as in the different economy segments. Since our vision is to be first in the minds and choice, we want to confirm once again to the industry that there is always a better way of doing things, contributing to the sustainable productivity of our clients “.

Atlas Copco is a multinational of Swedish origin, whose beginnings go back to 1873, d in which it has developed technological innovation for the industry.

Throughout these years, Atlas Copco has been governed by its Interaction, Innovation and Commitment values which have been the pillars to achieve the prestige that distinguishes the company today.

These same values are those which currently guide the course of Atlas Copco Chile and that have been present during the 63 years that the company has been in the country.