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Boots to National Suppliers

Aurora Williams Baussa
Minister of Mining

Mining has been the engine of the economic development in Chile in recent years.

It has contributed significantly to the productive development of the northern regions of Chile; it counts with wages that represent twice the national average income and the presence of women has increased from 5,2% in 2007 to more than 7% today. Also, outsourcing in mining has reached 70% of the jobs created in the recent period.

However, adverse factors have made us lose some of these benefits, as the drop in ore grades, high energy costs and the scarcity of human capital, to name a few.

So maintaining mining competitiveness also means developing new technologies and give a boost to the local suppliers market.

Regarding the previous, the Ministry of Mining and the Government are working intensely with Corfo and Chile Valora to encourage the public-private collaboration, an alliance that undoubtedly will prevent the fragmentation of efforts.

In this sense, the spaces as those offered by Expomin and its International Congress “Sustainability and Productivity, keys to modern mining”, allow coordinating and projecting proposals to achieve the results that the industry needs today.

We know that in the development of investment projects, it is required to have suppliers who meet the highest world standards.

In this context, of the approximately 6000 supplies, it is estimated that about 10% have a high potential for internationalization, and is for that reason that today we are promoting with ProChile, a mining fund to support the internationalization of suppliers of the sector, with the objective of exporting U$$ 10,000 million in national mining to the year 2035.

We know we still have much to do, especially when the weight of mining in our economy requires us to maintain our position as the leading producer of copper in the world.