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Joaquín Villarino, Mining Council´s Chief Executive:

Contribution of the Mining Council to the public debate and Expomin as an opportunity

The presidential elections are coming up and the candidates have begun to put forward their political programs.

Aware of the importance of mining and convinced that whoever governs the country should consider it  as a booster development, the Mining Council has raised a series of proposals to contribute to the debate for the  country that we all want to build.

Our proposals originate, not from closed door discussions, but from various public instances and multi sectorial exchange that has been seen in recent years. Suggestions are raised for improvement of institutions, programs, regulations and permits, referring to the strategic areas of mining: human capital, energy, environment, water resources, communities and competitiveness.

It should be pointed out that, except for a few subjects that pertain to the mining sector, all the other proposals include public policies of a broader national scope. This is not a by chance but goes to show that the mining industry is highly integrated and aware of the mutual interdependence between its development and the development of Chile.

In April of next year, just a month after the onset of the new Government, a new version of Expomin will take place, a fair of international relevance in mining,that represents an unparalleled sector showcase for the discussion of issues that affect or condition its development, among other things.

Over the years Expomin has excelled in consolidating itself in its facilitative role where challenges can be discussed, where experiences can be shared and consensus built upon that may benefit the industry and, therefore, the country.

We hope that the representatives of the new Government benefit from this arena, to present their perspectives  and projects for  the mining sector and, also, to be open to the concerns and proposals of the relevant industry stakeholders.

By Joaquín Villarino,  Chief Executive of the Mining Council