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Vice Chairmanof Corporate Affairs and Sustainability at Antofagasta Minerals, Francisco Veloso:

“EXPOMIN 2016 Seminar “Sustainable Trends”seeks to build a long-term vision and be a contribution to the mining development in our country”

As part of the seminars that are going to take place in the EXPOMIN 2016,we talked to the Vice Chairman of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability at Antofagasta Minerals and Chairman of the seminar “Sustainable Trends”, Francisco Veloso, who gave us hisideas and expectations for this event.

1. What are the main challenges to be addressed by the seminar you lead?

“EXPOMIN 2016, to be held in April this year, mainly aims to lay the groundwork for developing a long-term mining under three fundamental pillars: leadership, competitiveness and sustainability. The seminar “Sustainable Trends”, which I lead, is based precisely on the third pillar: the idea is to present from the experience and from a local and global perspective, the current major issues in matters of sustainability, in order to build a long-term vision in this area andalso being a contribution to the mining development in our country.

“In addition, there are other factors to be emphasized such as companies’ governance, which are nothing but a series of actions within a company as having ethic codes, audit committees, and systems to ensure control for what can be called “ties with politically exposed people”, environmental balance, water issues, particulate matter, air quality, biodiversity, impacts generated by indigenous issues, gender issues, suppliers, work relations, or link of the companies with their internal environment and not to forget a complex issue such as people’s safety and health, this and more make up what is called governance.”

2.As a Chairman of the event, what are your expectations regarding the seminar?Do you believe that the seminar willallow to makea thorough analysis of the industry?

I think both EXPOMIN in its entirety, with all seminars involved, and this particular event, will be a real contribution to the development of this industry in Chile. We are currently going through a complex time, at an international level, and it is at this point when we must review what we have been doing to lay the groundwork for the future. We must take it as a time to review and I firmly believe that conferences such as EXPOMIN where everyone experiences are collected, are the perfect opportunity to listen, learn and take example of mining successes.”

“Furthermore, the idea is that every attendee agrees that we should take responsibility for sustainability.  It is a commitment that goes beyond good prices of commodities, we should internalize the concept of sustainability in the heart of the business, and weshould put this issue at the center of the business. I wish sustainability alongwith the social environment were a priority issue for the industry, being able to transmit and share both positive and negative experiences to collect them and bring them to their own companies.”

 3. What is the level of progress in relation to the seminar subjects, specialists invited and approach?

We are working according to the times, by choosing the best exhibitors to create a group that make real contribution to the discussion and with interesting cases of success.”

“What we also seek is to pose a challenge to the country, explain and ask, what is the mining that we want as a country? And find out whether this country wants to remain to be a mining country in order to contribute to the development of this industry and not just contributing to the growth of the country”.

4. What is the difference between this year’s seminar andthe past versions?

The EXPOMIN 2016 version is very relevant, since it is the 25th anniversary since the first version and during all this time the organizers of this event have worked hard to make of the various versions a significant contribution to the mining development in our country. But they also help to keep up the name of Chile within the global industry. As a country we are a major actor, the third largest copper producer in the world, and events like this are a real contribution to position the name of Chile even more.”

“In addition, we also seeks to pose in the context of this conference that there must be a greater involvement of the three branches of government to develop mining, (executive, legislative and judicial), in order to fulfill their role, but being coordinated in order to build what we want as a country and especially as a national mining.”