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EXPOMIN consolidates its leadership in Latin American

Excellent results showed the latest version of the main mining trade fair in Latin America, a fair that sets a meeting point for the industry.

The 1,350 exhibiting companies that participated in EXPOMIN 2018 received more than 70,000 visits from the mining world in an event that included a full program in which the International Congress “Innovation for Mining Development” stood out.

“When we designed the project we set many objectives for the fair, as an event that brings together mining supply companies and in that sense we are very satisfied, since we managed to gather more than 1,300 companies where 40% are national or based in Chile and the other 60% are international”, explained the CEO of EXPOMIN 2018, Carlos Parada, after five days of exhibition of this international fair that is consolidated as the largest event of its kind in Latin America and one of the largest worldwide.

Parada highlighted the presence of important global companies, since that “means that there is an interesting technological offer, a situation that is increased by the number of people who visited the fair. That is part of the objectives that we set as organizers of the event.”

Expomin 2018 Congress

The CEO also highlighted the fact that the success of this EXPOMIN version is not only limited to the possibility that technology companies had to strengthen their business contacts, but also to make progress in the outstanding issues related to mining, which were treated in the framework of the EXPOMIN 2018 International Congress, in which well-known specialists from the public and private world participated.

More than 110 national and international speakers gave life to the 13 seminars that were held in the different days and in which topics such as Technology, Competitiveness, Sustainability (Environment, Community), Gender, Productive Efficiency, Energy, Human Resources, and Investments and Businesses were discussed.
In addition, about 25 government authorities, experts from academia and technology centers as well as 60 speakers from mining companies and 26 suppliers and consultants with technological solutions participated in these discussions and analysis.

Of the total number of speakers, more than 90 are national and 20 international, among which Argentina (3), United States (3), Australia (2), Canada (2), China (2), United Kingdom (1), and some others from Latin America (7) stand out.

Parada also valued the participation of the Minister of Mining and the Deputy Secretary of the portfolio, Baldo Prokurica and Pablo Terrazas, respectively, stating that “we see a minister who is entering his term, but with some advantages because he is a minister who knows the industry, who knows the political world, so he has many capacities to handle this in a good way and be present at the fair.”

Evaluation and future expectations

The fair also projects business for about US$ 1,700 million, having registered more than 2,500 national and international business meetings.
In parallel, the Meeting of Technical/Professional Students and Professors for Mining was held, which attracted more than 3,000 attendees.

All of the above has made it possible to consolidate EXPOMIN as an exhibition that goes beyond mining, integrating numerous productive sectors into a large industrial fair worldwide.