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EXPOMIN invites to participate in the 5th Mining Journalism Contest

The Organizing Committee of EXPOMIN 2016 invites journalists from all national and international media, as well as students of the journalism career to participate in the 5th Mining Journalism Contest.

The event is organized by the Organizing Committee of EXPOMIN 2016 along with the Chilean Journalists Association, the National Press Association (ANP) and the Chilean Interamerican Association of Journalists of Economy and Finance (AIPEF), and is sponsored by the industrial group of high-tech engineering and world leader in machining, materials technology, mining and construction, Sandvik.


In this versionof the Mining Journalism Contest,the members of the jury are: the Mining Minister, the Head of the Chilean Association of Journalists, the Head of the Chilean Interamerican Association of Journalists of Economy and Finance (AIPEF CHILE), the Head of the National Press Asociation(ANP), the Head of the National Mining Association (SONAMI), the Executive Chairman of the Mining Council of Chile, the General Manager of the Mining Suppliers Association (APRIMIN), the Head of Public Relations of CODELCO, the Head of Communications of ENAMI, the Corporate Affairs Manager of Doña Ines de Collahuasi Mining Company, the head of Editorial Group EDITEC, being the foreman in this occasion, the National Journalism Award 2015, Abraham Santibañez.


Journalists and students participating in this contest can send their works until 6pm on Friday, 11 March in case of delivering by hand, or until 9 pm on the same day if sent through emails.

One requirement to apply is that the works have been published in any media, printed on paper or online, regionally or nationally, at a formal or university level, between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015.


The 5th Mining Journalism Contest has also begun to be promoted in various journalism schools of the Chilean universities, because this new version includes a special honorable mention for students who are pursuing this career.

The idea of this contest is to promote the creation of journalistic works related to mining, in which this activity and the mining culture are spread, as well as to encourage the knowledge about the extractive industry.


There are prizes for four categories:

  • Mention national audio and audiovisual media.
  • Mention national print media.
  • Mention regional audio and audiovisual media.
  • Mention regional print media.

Each winner will get $1,700, a commemorative plaque and a certificate, which will be delivered at the opening ceremony of EXPOMIN 2016, on April 25.

Read Conditions and Terms of the Mining Journalism Contest 2016(Spanish)