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Carlos Parada. CEO - EXPOMIN

EXPOMIN, reflection of an industry facing changes

Mining is facing a scenario of change, so it is vital to find the best solutions to meet the challenges involving production chain activities. Undoubtedly,for those involved in this process: Government, executives, professionals, contractors, and suppliers in general,this change could be perceived as a threatening and negative phenomenon, however, the history of mining allows us to understand that cycles are part of this type of industry and these cycles present new variables that mark the current scenario, such as the energy price, water supply, community relations, legislation and regulations with complex bureaucratic procedures and a market that got used to operate with historically high prices for metals. The emergence of these variables also represents the importance of the industry in the development of our country. Due to its constant development, mining is an activity that is demanding for solutions now more than ever.

No matter how deep the difficulties may feelmineral wealth and the productive and technological capabilities achieved allow us to see the evolution of the mining industry froma very optimistic perspective. High levels of mining development reached in our country are studied and followed by all countries that have mining potential and that are still in a developing process.

Major suppliers develop close ties with mining companies, giving as a result a deeper understanding of the sectorchallenges, a situation that gets greater stability when suppliers are involved in the different scenarios where the industry is shown as is the case of EXPOMIN, consolidated as a great platform for global opportunities which takes place in Chile, with a history of fourteenth versions, and which is an invitation to all stakeholders and companies related to or that want to be related to the mining sector.