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Insight on the innovation that mining demands in a constant process of changes

The expectations of this XV edition go hand in hand  with the compliance of the industry´s requirement in terms of permanent optimization of the productive and logistic processes,  such as providing  the best opportunities in technology  and sourcing the solutions  through the more than 1.300 supplying companies from the 35 countries through the world.


Innovation will be the main  driver of this  XV EXPOMIN 2018, the most important mine tradeshow  worldwide,  that will focus on leading edge technologies, market trends and a  sound debate  of the most relevant sector discussions.

This new version, will be hosted in  Espacio Riesco between the following April 23rd through 27th of April, and expected to   receive over 1,300  exhibiting companies of which 50%  come from over 35 countries.

For Carlos Parada, Executive Director of EXPOMIN, “in each version, our main focus is to achieve a high value proposal for all those who act directly or indirectly in the development of the industry. Chile is the country with the most developed mining industry in Latin America, being a world reference in the application of new technologies, with highly sophisticated operations, with mines that have been reinvented as a result of their size and geological and mineralogical complexity “.

In its 25 years of history, EXPOMIN has been the reflection of an industry that has been in constant growth and innovation.

Parada highlights that EXPOMIN 2018 is carried out within a framework of a measured confidence with healthier copper prices, an increase in sectorial employment and in the framework of mining contribution to the socioeconomic development of the country, which marks a trend towards a new cycle of growth.

Challenges in Mining

In the  development framework of the the Mining trade show,  the  EXPOMIN 20018 International Congress will  be carried out, with the theme “INNOVATION FOR MINING DEVELOPMENT”,  to be chaired by  Iván Arriagada, CEO for Antofagasta PLC,   and to preside the  15  speakers with a broad experience in the public and private arenas, gathered together  in workshops and round table sessions, where the most relevant topics will be discussed, such as  seminars, workshops and round table sessions, where the most relevant topics will be discussed, among them, supply in mining, sustainable mining, labor challenges and HR in mining; lithium, markets and technologies; women in the mining field; restrictions  and challenges; water issues in mining; heap leaching, smelting and mining; and energy challenges

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