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Jorge Gómez, CEO of Collahuasi and president of the International Congress Expomin 2016

“The high costs of energy in our country is a variable that greatly affects our competiveness”

The use of this resource and sustainability of the mining business will be among the topics to be addressed in this world industry gathering.

“The high cost of energy in our country is a factor that greatly affects our competiveness. We should be in second place in the world, after the Democratic Republic of Congo, in having the highest energy costs, while in Peru, for example, they have only 40% of Chilean energy cost”. This was stated by CEO of Mining Company Doña Ines de Collahuasi and president of the International Congress Expomin 2016, Jorge Gómez, echoing one of the main concerns of the mining industry, which will be addressed in this international event to be held in April next year.

The senior executive made these remarks during the launching ceremony of the International Congress Expomin 2016 “Sustainability and Productivity, keys to modern mining” to be held under the largest gathering of mining in Chile and South America, between days 25 and 29 of April 2016 at the Event Center Espacio Riesco in Santiago.

Another issue to address in the International Congress is the efficient use of water, on which he expressed that “water scarcity is not a problem of our country, it is a problem of the whole world, but mining has been efficient in the use of this resource. I think there is an infrastructure not accord to our time, but in this issue our industry has been efficient”.

Expanding this capacity of efficient use of the resource, Jorge Gómez explained that “six years ago consumption was around 0.69 m3 per ton and today we are in 0.57 m3 per ton on average. Between the first and fourth regions, the mining industry represents only 5% of water consumption, and I would say the major consumer is agriculture”.

On this point, Jorge Gómez said “I think investors today, generally require that their businesses are not only profitable but also sustainable over time, in order to remain”.

During the five days of Congress, there will be nine seminars and two Workshops for emerging trends and challenges faced by the sector, including competitiveness, productivity, supply, sustainable trends, use of seawater in mining